Monday, 16.09.2019

Beef Soup with noodles

Baked cauliflower with sauce tartare

€ 9.90

Tuesday, 17.09.2019

Cevapcici with French fries and onion mustard

Zucchini cake

€ 9.50

Wednesday, 18.09.2019

Fish soup

Spaghetti carbonara with salad

€ 9.90

Thursday, 19.09.2019

Beef soup with profiteroles

Stew with rice and salad

€ 9.50

Friday, 20.09.2019

Creamy corn soup

Spinach dumpling with creamy porcini sauce

€ 9,90

Saturday, 21.09.2019

Cevapcici with French fries and onion mustard

Curd chees pocket

€ 9.90

Sunday, 22.09.2019

Beef soup with liver dumplings

Chicken breast fillet with pineapple-sage sauce and “Burgenländische” noodles

€ 12.90

Or should it rather be a dish from our pumpkin menu?

Seehotel Herlinde was renovated in winter 2016/2017 with cofinancial support of the European Fund for Regional Development.

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